Updating Your Laundry On A Budget

Q: Sharon from Upper Coomera asks, we have a limited budget but would really like to makeover our laundry. What are your tips for creating a cost effective laundry space that is functional yet has great look and feel?

A: As a utility room, it is easy for us to let our laundry fall to the wayside while we routinely update our throw cushions and bedspread. This may be because, being a wet area, we know that to do a proper overhaul we likely require a tiler, plumber and cabinetmaker, which can be costly trades to engage. There are, however a few simple things you can do to your laundry that will make a big impact at a small cost.

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 Install open shelving

If you have the wall space above your counter and don’t want to spend money on installing overhead cabinets, consider installing open floating timber shelves. This is not only an inexpensive option but looks great and creates storage without closing in the area when space is tight. Store on the shelves items you know you can keep neat easily.

 Just paint

We all know that giving your walls a new lick of paint provides good bang for your buck but what some don’t know is that you can do the same thing with your tiles. Visit your local hardware store or paint shop and explore your tile paint colour options. Opt for a matte finish on your floor for a contemporary look that will be easier to keep clean than a gloss finish. I think you will be surprised by your options and the end result.

 Love your splashback

While you can also paint over your splashback tiles, because this is such a small surface area, it may be worthwhile replacing these tiles to get the most out of your transformation.  Subway tiles are inexpensive and particularly on point right now. You can have your tiler lay them in a variety of patterns (perpendicular, herringbone or brick) to create more visual interest. As a trend, subways have stood the test of time and won’t be quick to outdate.

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 Just the doors

As mentioned above, replacing cabinetry can be an expensive exercise, however, depending on the age and condition of your cabinetry, you may be well placed to only replace your cabinet doors or drawer fronts. While white is certainly a timeless option, it is worth considering the lovely matte black or grey laminate option which are increasing in popularity. Timber laminates are a little bit more expensive but still a cost effective and good-looking option.

 Fluff and spruce

The devil is in the detail so do the small things necessary to ensure your laundry is the best it can be. Place a beautiful cascading plant on your new open shelving; invest in a new, more current washing basket; update your hand soap canister; keep your cleaning products in cute rattan or wire baskets; and make your new years resolution to keep the space clean. Every space looks its best when it’s clean and tidy.

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Post contributed by Michael & Carlene Duffy.Michael and Carlene Duffy

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