Tips For Brightening Up Your Home

Q:  Marissa from Hope Island asks, what are your tips for brightening up a home?


A:  Brightening up your home doesn’t need to be about going overboard with colour.  Creating a lighter, brighter look can be achieved by adding layers, texture and dimension to your space.  I think Australian’s are notorious for under-laying their interiors so think creatively and put my tips below to good use!

Use Plants

Plants are my go to for providing an instant lift to any space. Maybe it’s because they are alive, but they are key to making a house feel like a home.

Add Some Books

Whether you are a reader or not, books displayed in a home are an ideal means of decoration.  Even a few coffee table books make a big difference to your living room and if you do like to read – even better!  Filling floor to ceiling bookshelves is a great look and can ensure you keep your treasured books in a storage capacity that is accessible and has a great design purpose.

Say No To Blank Walls

A minimal, paired back interior is rarely successful unless it is designed to be so from the offset and generally only the experts can pull this off.  Art is not an investment like it used to be back in the day so there is no excuse for bare plaster galore.

Fashion art can in fact be considerably inexpensive and you don’t always need a professional framer to finish off the look.  Many large retailers stock a great, yet inexpensive range of ready made frames.

Ramp Up That Rug

If you have a rug in your home, I can almost guarantee it is too small because everyone’s rug is too small! Your rug needs to be large enough so that all or at least most of your furniture is sitting on it (at least partially).  You’ll be surprised what a difference this will make to the overall feel of your living room.

Mix Up Your Materials

Finally mix up your materials.  Too much of any one texture or surface in a home, can make the space appear drab.  Contrast your timber bedside tables with an interesting upholstered bedhead.  Freshen up your dining suite by swapping out the dining chairs for something that is in contrast to the table, improve your stark all white kitchen with some timber accessories, plants or even some art.

And remember, layer, layer, layer!

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Post contributed by Michael & Carlene Duffy.Michael and Carlene Duffy

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