Teenager Retreats

For teenagers, their bedroom is more often than not their most accommodated space.  From relaxing, hanging out with their friends to study and precious sleep time – your teens room should be a place of retreat, comfort and relaxation.

Styling a teens retreat can be tricky though as their taste will more be mature then a children’s room yet still requires the colour and whimsy that an adults bedroom lacks. Today’s teens are definitely style conscious and their tastes are quite sophisticated so allow your teen to create a room that is an expression of their personality.

Below are some things to consider when planning you teenager’s retreat.

Mini Apartment Styling

A really great room for a teenager will have a sleep area, study area and a space to lounge with friends. Style the room like their own mini apartment and they’ll be happy! If space is an issue think creatively. The lounge area may be a rug in the corner with a few throw pillows and poofs, while the study area could be vertically orientated using a small desk and mounted wall storage.


Untitled design (14)



Themed bedrooms are a great way to reflect personality. Let your teenager choose a theme and work around it when selecting their décor.  Remember not to shy away from colour. While adults may prefer calming and understated spaces, teenagers are often drawn towards vibrant, bold and high-energy areas.




Stylish Yet Functional

While you may have the whole house to store your things, a teenager only has their bedroom so it’s important to allow for adequate storage. There are many stylish storage options available these days so ensure you incorporate stylish storage solutions into your plan. Hidden storage options such as built in bed draws and storage ottomans will offer the space you need without compromising your look.


Untitled design (15)


Do you have a stylish teenager retreat in your home?  We’d love to see! Share your pictures with us via #homeworldhelensvale.

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