Styling Your Patio For Outdoor Entertaining

Q. Natalie from Biggera Waters asks, how can I style my patio for outdoor entertaining this spring and summer?

A.  In Queensland, our outdoor entertaining areas are an important extension of our homes. Our temperate climate means that our patios are generally in high use, year round.

Open plan homes that go hand in hand with modern living also means our outdoor areas are generally in sight from most parts of the home. For this reason it is important to give these spaces the love and care they deserve.


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If you are looking at enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor area, here are some simple yet effective styling techniques that you can easily implement:

1. Be generous with the plants on your patio to create lushness and softness. Group potted plants together in staggered sizes, and of different kinds, for visual interest. Hanging plants are on trend at the moment and are also an ideal means of creating another level of greenery. Just be sure to consider the type of plant in relation to the conditions in which you are positioning it. You want your plants to live, as it will be costly to continually replace them when they perish.


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2. Add some interest and colour to your patio or terrace through your outdoor upholstery. Stick strictly to the outdoor fabric ranges, as these prove to withstand the elements. Invest time into choosing your pattern and colour wisely and get multiple upholstery quotes, as upholstery can be costly and quotes tend to vary considerably. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colour to reflect your bright and vivid natural surrounds.

3. Create another layer of softness and homeliness by laying an outdoor rug under your outdoor dining setting or lounge suite. You have likely seen the rugs made out of recycled plastic that are commonly used outdoors but there is a new product on the market that despite being 100% plastic, feels just like cotton. They can take a weather beating and can simply be hosed down when dirty. Perfect!


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4. On the not so fun side of decorating, you may also need to bite the bullet and give that deck and balustrade the lick of oil it desperately needs. Alternatively, you may want to mix it up and paint your timber a new, fresh colour but be sure to consider the colour of your house in this process unless you plan on tackling the whole exterior.

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5. Lastly, consider how your outdoor space looks and feels when the sun goes down and assess your lighting situation. Stringing up festoon lights or something similar across the ceiling of your desk or patio creates ambience and a sense of warmth. Similarly, fairy lights wrapping tree trunks in your yard creates instant cheerfulness and even a little whimsy. You don’t have to wait till Christmas to be festive.


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If you are planning on using these tips to style your outdoor area – we’d love to see the results.  Share your pics with us via Instragram or Facebook and be sure to hashtag #homeworldhelensvale.


Post contributed by Michael & Carlene Duffy.Michael and Carlene Duffy

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