Stop The Squabble: Shared Bedrooms

Conflict between siblings is bound to arise especially if they sleep and play in the same bedroom. While living in such close proximity can cause the occasional sibling battle it’s also a great way to help children bond quickly and learn to share. If you want the benefits of a shared bedroom but aren’t to keen on the fights then read our tips below to help you calm the conflict.


Let your kids help design the space

Let your children play an equal part in the design of their room. If they feel equal ownership over the space it is much more likely to stop complaints later on. Let them choose their own bedspread, wall art, lamp and other decorator items. If you want the room to look stylish consider giving them pre-selected options to pick from.

Shared kids bedroom

Furthermore, give each child a section of the room to decorate and let this be their personal space. This may be a wall to cover with their art, a desk for study or a corner of the room to embellish with a rug, foot stools or scatter cushions.


Store toys accordingly 

Your little one may have a favourite teddy or doll they don’t like anyone touching just like your eldest may have a favourite gadget they won’t share. These toys should be stored in areas that are out of sight or reach from the other child. Consider a bed with built in drawers or a storage container kept under the bedside table where personal item can be kept. Storing personal and shared toys separately will help limit fights of this kind.

Shared bedroom

If there is a decent age gap between siblings give the older child storage options that only they can reach. A few higher shelves or wall hung storage solutions will do the trick and keep the younger child out of mischief.


Set some rules

Discuss with your children the expectations you have of them and let them agree on rules for the bedroom. This may include asking before touching each other’s possessions and how the bedroom is to be kept. By including your children in this discussion they will be more likely to adhere to the rules that are set. You may even choose to display “bedroom rules” so they have a constant reminder of what is expected of them.


Sharing a bedroom will inevitably bring your children closer together. Fights along the way are inevitable, but if you put some thought into the design of the room these can be reduced. We’ve collected out favourite bedroom pieces for children below to help with your design inspiration!

Kids rooms



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