Selling Up? Get More For Your Home With These Tips

There are many emotions involved with buying and selling a property and when it comes to getting the most resale value for your home – knowledge is power.

If you are after a profitable and fairly speedy sale of your home, than these top tips from the Dot1 Realty team will prove very useful!

Sold home for sale real estate sign and beautiful new house
Pick Your Timing

Holidays, like Christmas and a change in season, can bring a quick sale as buyers want to move in those times to coincide with their holidays. Put some thought into the timing of your sale and reap the benefits.


First Impressions Count

A first impression is extremely valuable so making sure that your garden and exterior are ship shape is paramount. Manicured gardens, trimmed edges and green lawns will give a positive first impression upon inspection.

Your front door is also the first thing that potential buyers will see, so make sure you create a welcoming entrance. Paint or replace your door if needed and use plants to frame your entry.


Freshen Up

Freshen up any areas in the home that might look tired. A lick of paint can do wonders as can washing curtains and cleaning blinds.



This is possibly our most important tip! Create a sense of space and order in your home prior to it going on sale. Hide the pet bowls and get rid of any excess furniture and personal items so the buyer can imagine their possessions and belongings in the space.


Set The Scene For Your Inspections

Vase with daffodil flowers in front of white sofa with colorful pillows

Leave blinds and windows open for inspections of your home to allow for fresh air flow.

The smell of fresh flowers, a scented candle or just brewed coffee are easy tools for creating a homely, welcoming feel. Yellow flowers stimulate buying urges by inducing feelings of happiness and contentment, so look at having a vase of tulips or daffodils on your kitchen table.


Chat With The Professionals

Want the best value for your home? It pays to speak with a professional before putting your home up for sale so that you can be sure that your putting your best foot forward from the very second your home hits the market.
Don’t hesitate to pop in and see the Dot1 Realty team to chat about your future home sale.