Layering Rugs In The Home

Q. Katherine asks Michael and Carlene, what is your opinion on layering rugs? Instead of having one big rug can having a few eclectic rugs work in a space?

A.  The idea of layering rugs is gaining popularity as a design trend. I argue the reason for the surge has something to do with the fact that interior spaces are becoming increasingly relaxed, diverse and indicative of Bohemian influences.

Whether you choose to layer rugs in your space or not is very personal and should be considered in the context of your specific space but there are a few things you should know in order to pull off the look successfully.

1.    Layer multiple small rugs together

Anyone who routinely reads my blogs would know that undersized rugs are my pet peeve. We all need to upscale so that our rugs are large enough to command and anchor the space. Furniture should be at least partially sitting on the rug. I do appreciate that the larger the rug, the more it will cost you to purchase so if you do have multiple small rugs at home that need a purpose, layering them in a staggered way, vertically and horizontally, will help you fill out that floor space without necessarily having to purchase one large rug. This look is certainly Bohemian inspired and it does inspire a more relaxed feel in an interior.




2.    Layer a small rug over a large rug

Laying a small rug in the centre of a larger rug is a slightly more conservative look than the first look. It is generally the most effective when the larger, bottom rug is a neutral colour and high in texture, and the top rug is used to add pattern and colour to the floor. It is important here to make sure your two rugs are of different texture and pattern to make the most impact. This look also works well with large sheepskin and animal hides, which are generally too small to adequately fill out large floor spaces.


Layered rugs image 1

Layered rugs image 3


3.    Layer animal hides

Animal hides are hugely underrated. I have multiple cowhides in my home that I use in thoroughfares and high foot traffic areas because they are indestructible. I have children riding scooters and skateboards over mine and they show no sign of wear. You can quite literally hose them off if they get marked. They also do wonders for softening my polished concrete floors. If you want to fill out a large space, layer multiple cowhides so that they are slightly overlapping and you will create added softness and more floor coverage.

Layered rugs image 2


Absolutely, go ahead and add some interest, colour and softness to your interior by layering your rugs but first consider the look you want to achieve and then play around until feels right. Happy layering!


Post contributed by Michael & Carlene Duffy.

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