Is A Bath Essential?

Q:  Frances from Molendinar asks, when renovating a small bathroom with sale of the property in mind is it essential to include a bath? The shower over bath combo would not be an option as my elderly parents regularly visit.


A: Including at least one bath in your home is crucial for the sake of resale.  If you don’t have a bath, you will nearly always deter young families who require a bath and you may also rule out many child-free potential buyers simply as people like the luxury that a bath can offer.

If your space is tight, look for a built in bath, which will likely take up less floor space then its smallest freestanding counterpart.

If your bathroom is extremely small, a bath and shower combination could also be an option, however, may not be ideal for elderly people having to step in and out of it so perhaps use this option as a last resort.

There are some clever design changes you can look at making in order to maximise space in your small bathroom, including:

Install A Cavity Slider Door

Installing a cavity slider rather then a hinged door will save you precious space as you won’t lose space allowing for the door to open inwards.

Use Eye Level Storage

Eye level storage in the form of a shaving cabinet is also a good space saving measure as it means you can decrease the size of your vanity if necessary.

Combine Your Two Wet Areas

Many older homes have separate bathrooms and toilet areas and in most cases they are situated next door to each other.  A good solution for creating more space is to knock down the wall the separates the two wet areas so that the toilet becomes part of the bathroom.  You will almost always end up with more layout options in this instance than if the two areas were separate.

Create The Illusion Of Space

Once you have prioritized fitting what you need in your bathroom, think about ways to create the illusion of space.  Maximise natural light by investing in a skylight if need be and consider upsizing your mirror to reflect light.  Another good trick is to keep your wall tiles light in colour.

It can certainly be more challenging manipulating a small bathroom to have the same functionality that a more spacious one can offer.  Given that your bathroom is used for pretty fundamental needs, it is well worth investing the time into the design of your bathroom to ensure you get it right.

Best of luck with your bathroom!


Post contributed by Michael & Carlene Duffy.