How To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Want to recreate the interiors featured in luxury home magazines but are afraid you don’t have the cash to splash? Relax, when it comes to creating a beautifully styled space you don’t have to spend all of your hard earned dosh!


Creating a beautifully designed space without the price tag is possible – you just need a bit of creativity and savvy shopping skills. Knowing the key décor items that will help you achieve a timeless look will go a long way. Follow our tips below to see just how easy it is!


Magic Marble

Marble can magically make any room appear more expensive. This luxurious natural rock has been celebrated and carved for centuries. Marble (and stone in general) is trending this season which means finding inexpensive marbled items is easy!


Get the look: Pillow Talk Marble Clock $39.95


Golden Glamour

Gold instantly injects elegance and glamour into any space! Decorate your home with anything that resembles this opulent colour including coppers, brass and nickel. Get creative and mix your metals to create an elegant mid-century modern interior.


Get the look: Adairs Gold Wire Tea Light Holder $12.95

MR Crystal Tea Light Holder Gold Small

Luxurious Layers

Use rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose a rug with an interesting texture or colours, or layer a few different ones to help give some dimension to the room. A soft and luxurious rug will also add a touch of class to any space.


Get the look: DecoRug Subway Rug $12

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.23.37 am

Magnificent Mirrors

 While a good quality mirror may be more expensive try to think of it as an investment piece. The right mirror can live in your home for decades bringing a timeless elegance to the space. Look for unique mirrors with gold or silver frames or ones that are atypically shaped. Those who are very budget conscious can find beautiful and unique mirrors at second hand stores if you are willing to put in the time to search around.


Get the look: Eureka St Onyx Mirror $499


Sweet Scents

Create a sense of luxury with beautiful aromas! Light an array of candles to add romantic richness and use diffusers to excite the senses. Nothing devalues a room like a bad odour! Remember, an expensive room won’t just please the eye but the nose too.


Get the look: Vast Interior Fragranced Soy Candle (See in store for price.)


Do you have a favourite home décor item that brings elegance to a room? We’d love to see! Make sure you share your home styling photos with us on our Facebook page or #HomeworldHelensvale.