Green Smoothie Recipe

What better way to cool off in the summer than with a delicious green smoothie? Not only do they taste amazing but they’re packed full of nutrients!

Jennifer from First Choice Fitness at Homeworld Helensvale has shared with us the science behind green smoothies (why they’re good for you) and a recipe for you to try at home.

Green Smoothie Recipe


If you want to increase the amount of greens into your diet, but don’t particularly like the taste of them, then adding them to your morning smoothie is a great solution!

And if you don’t yet know why we should all be getting more greens into our diet here is a bit of the science-y stuff: dark leafy green vegetables contain antioxidants, important minerals, phyto-nutrients and high quality amino acids. It is also one of the best ways to get energy from the sun (through photosynthesis = the darker the green veggies the more of the sun’s energy they contain).

“Photosynthesis is the chemical change which happens in the leaves of green plants. It is the first step towards making food – not just for plants but ultimately every animal on the planet.” –

There are a number of recipes out there for green smoothies – and you can get quite creative with them. All you need is a good quality blender.

Here is a basic recipe but the great thing is, the greens, the liquid and the soft fruits can be substituted for whatever is in your kitchen:

1 frozen Banana
Handful of curly Kale (stems removed) or baby spinach
1-2 teaspoons of linseeds or chia seeds
Juice of half a lemon
1 scoop of vanilla or plain protein powder
Top with ice cold water (enough to cover the ingredients)

Here is a table guide to the possible options and substitutions:

Green smoothie recipe


Have fun, get creative and post your creations on the First Choice Fitness and Homeworld Helesvale Facebook pages!

Jennifer, Area Manager – First Choice Fitness