Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a space of relaxation, rest and serenity.  If your bedroom is in need of a new look, look no further than our handy hints below.

1. New bedspread = instant bedroom makeover! The easiest and most obvious way to change the look and feel of your bedroom is with a beautiful new bedspread. Simplify the space with a plain white or soft pastel bedspread and inject some colour and personality with bright, patterned options.




2. Declutter. Is your dresser bursting with clothing and your cupboard full of worn down shoes? No matter how good the styling, a messy space will always look drab. Throw out or give away anything you no longer use. Flat surfaces in the bedroom such as bedside tables can collect unwanted junk. Remove any rubbish and pack away items such as magazines and phone chargers when not in use. Decluttering will make the space appear larger and more modern.


3. Get stylish with storage. Properly utilising storage solutions will help you keep your room tidy. There are many functional yet stylish storage solutions on the market. Traditional shelving is great but you might also like to consider alternate storage options such as sidetables, baskets, bowls and jars. There are also hidden storage options such as drawer organisers and bed base storage for those who want to keep a minimalistic look and feel.


Bedroom Storage


4. Decoration is key. While you don’t want a cluttered space, a few key décor pieces will help to stylise the bedroom. Wall art is always a welcome addition to the bedroom. Consider your wall colours, furniture and bedspread when choosing a piece that complements the room. Candles and infusers can also look really beautiful in the bedroom and will have the added bonus of keeping your room smelling divine.  If you feel like stepping outside of the styling square, hanging plants are very on trend this season. A bit of greenery in the bedroom will add some freshness and colour to the space.


Dare to decorate


It’s important to love your bedroom! You’ll get a much better sleep if your space is organised and presents a relaxing front. Follow our simple tips above and you’ll have a space that feels completely new at a fraction of the cost.

Have you got a beautiful bedroom?  We’d love to see!  Share it with us via #homeworldhelensvale.


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