DIY Interior Styling: Get The Luxe Look

You don’t have to be trained in interior design to create a stylish space. Instant glam is all about luxe statement pieces and making things feel special. To achieve the very on trend luxe look, don’t be afraid to mix and match rich fabrics like velvets and silks with gleaming metallics, chandeliers, marble and mirrors. Use these pieces to create layers in your room and add modern décor pieces to give the room even more dimension.

Ready to add a touch of glamour to your life? See our top tips below to create the luxe look in your own home.

STYLISH LIGHTING The opportunities for glamorous lighting are endless! From full-blown chandeliers to chic pendants, lighting can be just as stylish as it is functional. If you really want to create a glamorous space have dimmers fitted, this will allow you to control the quantity and quality of light.

Beacon Lighting Chandelier

Images from Beacon Lighting

STATEMENT PIECE FURNITURE Adding statement piece furniture to a room will instantly make the space feel special. Think sofas and armchairs with interesting fabrics or patterns, tables or stools with asymmetrical designs and interesting décor items.

Unique Furniture Pillow Talk

Images from Pillow Talk

COLOUR This can be used to inject personality into the space and is a powerful decorating tool. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your colour choices and use it in unexpected ways. Incorporate colour as little or as much as you want to any element of the room such as doors, handles, cushions, furniture, décor and rugs. When in doubt, black and white always a fool proof option for adding luxury to your room.

Adairs Coloured Items

Images from Adairs

ART Oversized artworks bring instant glam to any room. Again, it’s about making the space feel special. An original piece of art from your local gallery would make a great talking piece, otherwise retailers now have a wide range of stylish prints and artworks at affordable prices.

Far Pavilions Art

Images from Far Pavilions

When creating a glamorous space remember that less is more! A few bold, statement pieces will shine far brighter than a room crammed full of competing decorator items. Keep in simple but most of all have fun with it!