When it comes to working with Geometric patterns, the team at Pillow Talk HQ are well versed! Here are their top tips for incorporating a bit of geometric loving into your home.



The easiest and most subtle way to incorporate geometrics into your home is with cushions. Decorative cushions with a graphic geometric design, such as vibrant lattice-print cushions or throw pillows encased in an elegant quatrefoil or Moroccan design, can provide bold contrast. Pair them with an understated sofa or armchair for a simple take on geometric design.


Mina Cushion Pillow Talk Homeworld Helensvale

Image Credit: Habitat Mina Cushion via Pillow Talk


You can also use geometric artwork to create an unexpected focal point in your room. For example, showcase a mirror display in an unusual geometric shape at the end of your hallway, or use a fun lampshade featuring stripes, dots, and herringbones in interesting textures. Another idea is to use geometric wall stickers – choose ones made of high quality, acid free vinyl for a quick and easy way to completely change your space.

Geo Wall Art Pillow Talk Homeworld Helensvale

Image Credit: Hexagon Wall Art via Pillow Talk


Embrace the geometric trend with a stand-out quilt cover, featuring a high impact print such as chevrons, bold stripes or a quatrefoil pattern. Give your plain bedroom a dash of personality and make your bed the centre of attention.

Geo Check Quilt Cover Set Pillow Talk Homeworld Helensvale

Image Credit: Essentials Geo Check Quilt Cover Set via Pillow Talk

Keep In Mind!

With geometrics, you can either use small doses in a strategic way, or go all out with a show-stopping statement. Either way, geometrics become more powerful when contrasted against a plain backdrop, think vibrant feature wallpaper coupled with neutral colours, or a chevron-patterned sofa paired with streamlined, minimalistic décor.

Ready to make a statement? Take a look at Pillow Talk’s geometric board on Pinterest for more great examples of the geo look in use.

Post originally sourced from Pillow Talk’s Musings blog, February 2016.
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